Unione degli Scienziati Per Il Disarmo ONLUS
The Unione degli Scienziati Per Il Disarmo ONLUS (Union of Scientists For Disarmamannt) is a non-profit association of scientists and researchers founded in 1982 with the objective of providing information and analyses on arms control and disarmament, including information on the environmental impact and human costs of development and dissemination of arms. USPID members are convinced that this task is a moral imperative for scientists and that it is part of their social responsibility. USPID cooperates with the International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts which since 1966 organizes international higher education courses (ISODARCO), on international security, arms control and disarmament. Several members of USPID participate at the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, which was presented with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1995 together with Sir J. Rotblat.


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